Ball Valve


We are the noble ball valve manufacturer in Chennai. We have a huge range of industrial valves to fulfill your requirement for Ball valve in Chennai. Ball Valves are the most common industrial valve and it carries so many varieties and forms and we almost covered all of them. We offer pneumatic actuator operated ball valves as well as manually operated Ball valves. We make UPVC ball valves, High Pressure Ball Valve, Lined Ball Valve, and multiple way ball valves like 3 way Ball valve, 4 way Ball valve, and 5 way Ball valves.

Our products are made from only the highest quality graded materials, providing a high level of customer satisfaction. Our product’s quality has made us one of the most preferred ball valve suppliers in Chennai and we promise to manufacture all valves to meet the customer’s specifications.

Unlike most manufacturers, Aira Euromatic pledges to test products to their fullest potential to ensure error-free operation and design. Our ball valve is approved by API 6D and PED. Additionally, we always accept third-party inspections (TPI) from our customers for their satisfaction. Until a product meets all the criteria, we do not deliver it to the customer.

The ball valve is primarily used for regulating fluid flow. Since they can be operated manually or with motorized control, they can be applied in different settings. Their main use is as on-off services in pipes containing liquids, gases, or suspended solids. A ball valve is commonly used in tubing systems and industries that transport fluids such as mining, oil, gas, agriculture, water, and construction.

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